AE manufactures 350 MHz grid parabolic antenna, 450MHz grid parabolic antenna, 700-1000MHz parabolic reflector antenna, 1450MHz parabolic reflector antenna, 1800MHz parabolic antenna, 1850MHz parabolic antenna, 1900MHz parabolic antenna, 2300MHz parabolic antenna, 2450MHz  parabolic antenna, 3500MHz parabolic antenna and 610-960MHz NATO Band II tactical parabolic antenna, 1350-1850MHz NATO Band III tactical parabolic antenna, 1350-2700MHz NATO BAND III+ tactical parabolic antenna and 4400-5000MHz NATO Band IV tactical parabolic antenna.

Various sizes of point to point terrestrial parabolic antennas manufactured by us such as 0.6Meter point to point terrestrial antenna (60 Cms), 0.9M point to point terrestrial antenna (90 Cms), 1.2 Meters point to point terrestrial antenna, 1.8 Meters point to point terrestrial antenna, 2.4 Meters point to point terrestrial antenna, 3 Meters point to point terrestrial antenna and 4 Meters size point to point terrestrial grid parabolic antenna with various gain starting from 15 dBi to 44 dBi depending on the frequency range. Antennas greater than 2.4 Meters supplied with 2 side struts for highest wind load / pressure and in two segments for easy of shipping and handling.

These AP series terrestrial grid reflector antenna are professionally made and economically priced antennas. The grid parabolic antenna designed and manufactured by us  has the highest strength/weight ratio. These grid parabolic antenna are high efficiency antennas whose gain figures approach the theoretical maximum for the individual curved surface area.

All the AP series terrestrial parabolic antenna consists of full Parabolic reflector for use in point-to-point analogue and digital voice and data communication systems. The mounting arrangement of antenna permits to change the polarization from horizontal to vertical and vice-versa.

The terrestrial grid parabolic antenna manufactured by Antenna Experts are operates at D.C. ground with low resistance discharge path for protection against lightning and immunity to noise. All the screws, nuts and bolts of parabolic antenna are of type 316 marine grade stainless steel.

The AP series terrestrial and tactical parabolic reflector antennas are supplied with Azimuth and Elevation tracking mechanism where the fine adjustments is necessary to optimized the signal strength of a radio link along with Two side struts to provide extra supports to the antenna. Parabolic antenna manufactured by AE are among the world’s best performances antennas. 

Our 2300 MHz AP-2330-26  terrestrial parabolic antenna, AP-2330-29 terrestrial parabolic antenna & AP-2330-32 terrestrial parabolic antenna are 100% in compliance with FCC part 101.115 covering directional antenna especially the front to back ratio, beam-width and cross polarization discrimination for WCS and BRS/EBS band.

Our AP-180024 grid parabolic antenna, AP-180027 grid parabolic antenna, AP-180030 grid parabolic antenna, AP-180032 grid parabolic antenna are highly suitable for Studio-To-Transmitter STL link for broadcast application. The VSWR of these STL link grid parabolic antenna is very low i.e. better than 1.15:1.