High Gain Log Periodic Antenna is a directional antenna that is designed to operate in over high gain and a wide band of frequencies.Log Periodic Antenna is constructed from a series of dipole elements arranged in a logarithmic spiral, and is known for its wide range of frequency coverage with a relatively narrow beamwidth. This makes it an excellent choice for transmitting and receiving signals from multiple directions, making it highly efficient in transmitting and receiving signals over a wide range of frequencies.

Log Periodic Antenna operating frequency ranges from 30MHz to 3GHz. The design, structure, and some of its functions are similar to the high gain Yagi Antenna. one of its most common uses is in television antennas and they must have large bandwidths of around 54 to 88 and 174 to 216 MHz in VHF and 470 to 890 in UHF.

The radiation pattern of log periodic antenna, depending upon its structure can be unidirectional as well as bi-directional. A special characteristic of the log periodic antennas is that with the change in its operational frequency, the active region shifts amongst the elements, and then, all the elements would not remain active only in a single frequency while its operation.

List of Top Best High Gain Log Periodic Antenna

The High Gain Log Periodic Antenna is an ideal choice for those looking for a higher gain and better directivity than other antenna types. This type of antenna is constructed from a series of dipole elements arranged in a logarithmic spiral, and is known for its wide range of frequency coverage with a relatively narrow beamwidth. Antenna Experts offers reliable and durable log periodic antennas that are mentioned below.

High Gain Log Periodic Antenna Manufacturer

One of the unidirectional as well as bidirectional antennas that follow the logarithm function of frequency called d or sigma is the best High Gain Log Periodic Antenna. It is also known as   

Log periodic dipole antenna is compact and lightweight having capabilities of high performance. A log periodic antenna is called dipole because it contains half-wave dipole elements which consist of metal rods. This antenna is used for transmitting signals in high-power shortwave broadcasting stations. The main characteristic of this antenna is that it has a wide bandwidth.

Antenna Experts is the best antenna manufacturer and supplier in the world. We design, develop and create innovative and high-performance antennas for our clients. Antenna Experts is a universal solution for your transmitting, receiving, capturing, analyzing, and signaling antenna requirements under one roof! The designs of antennas are implemented in such a way that they become highly resistant to harsh and extreme climatic conditions as well as corrosion. This antenna is also known as the log periodic array and log periodic aerial.

Our exclusive range of the best and high-quality antennas of top brands across the world including high-power jammer antennas, tactical radio relay antennas, log periodic dipole antenna, grid parabolic antennas, HF broadband military antennas, high gain horn antennas, dual polarized log periodic antenna, stacked yagi antenna, military vehicle mount antenna, wind profiler radar antenna, UAV anti drone antenna, helical antenna, high gain ADS-B antenna, TETRA antenna, and naval shipboard antenna. Several types of log periodic antennas supplied by us include planer, trapezoidal, zig-zag, V-type, slot, and dipole.  

Benefits Of The Best High Gain Log Periodic Antenna

  1. These antennas offer excellent coverage, allowing users to transmit and receive signals from a variety of directions.

  2. Log periodic antennas are also lightweight and compact, making them easy to install and transport.

  3. It is a high-gain antenna that has varied radiation patterns.

  4. Log periodic antenna is used in particular kinds of television broadcasts.

With their superior performance, noise immunity, and ease of installation, high gain log periodic antennas are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a reliable connection.