Antenna Experts is proud to be a leading supplier and manufacturer of high-performance and military-grade military log periodic dipole antennas across the globe. 

Along with our current selection of Military log periodic dipole antenna products, Antenna Experts is the engineering partner of choice for many military contractors and program managers who rely on our proficiency in providing reliable antenna solutions specifically catered to their unique program needs.

Military log periodic dipole antenna are specially designed for military and intelligence communities, for monitoring communication over a very high frequency range without any interruption or signal disturbance. Present electronic surveillance systems use many, loud or huge antennas. Antenna Experts military log periodic dipole antenna systems provide premium range of antennas with extraordinary bandwidth and performance.

Military Log Periodic Dipole Antenna List

Military Log Periodic Dipole Antenna in India

As a leading international antenna manufacturer and supplier, We offer a variety of military log periodic antennas encompassing the HF log periodic Antenna, VHF log periodic, UHF log periodic, and microwave frequency band antenna.

Our antennas are specially designed for defense and military monitoring, scanning, receiving, signal intelligence (SIGINT), jamming, and transmitting applications. Aside from the list, We have extensive experience creating antennas for any frequency band.

The military log periodic dipole array's LP series ranges are high gain arrays that provide outstanding performance across the operational frequency range of 20 MHz to 6000 MHz since they do not employ loading technology to minimize the overall size of the array.

The LP series military log periodic dipole antennas are made of the 6063T6 extremely corrosion-resistant architectural anodized aluminum alloy and are intended to offer wideband directional transmission/reception of radio signals for the designated frequency range. Military LP (log periodic) antennas can be quickly installed because of their carefully designed mounting arrangement. The military log periodic dipole antenna's mechanical endurance is improved by using additional spacers between the support booms.

The military LP series antennas are extremely ideal for ease of shipping, transporting, transit, and handling since they include detachable parts. For ease of handling and shipping, all components are provided in two halves. Along the boom, stainless steel nuts and bolts systems are used to connect the components. The UHF log periodic dipole antenna is delivered completely constructed.

Military log periodic dipole antenna surfaces are powder coated to offer complete protection from corrosive gases, UV radiation, salt spray, acid rain, and sand storms in desert situations. Coastal portions additionally get additional corrosion protection from the salty weather. The support boom's coaxial wire for the log periodic dipole antennas is enclosed within to keep it waterproof.

The Military Log Periodic Dipole Array uses a low resistance discharge channel at DC ground to block noise and provide lightning protection. The military log periodic dipole antenna is constructed entirely out of type 316 marine grade stainless steel screws, nuts, and bolts. Above 300MHz, full, completed log periodic dipole antennas are provided. These VHF and UHF log periodic antenna are available with or without radome/housing.

Benefits of Military Log Periodic Dipole Antenna in India

  1. Easy to install: Less than 10 minutes is requires for assembling military log periodic antenna.
  2. It supports wide frequency range from 60 Mhz to 6000 Mhz frequency band.
  3. It is specially designed for transmission, receiving, monitoring, scanning, and jamming applications.
  4. Work on extreme hash environment.

As a leading international antenna manufacturer in India, we offers gamut range of military log periodic dipole antenna which includes high gain log periodic antenna, dual polarized log periodic antenna, and many more at affordable price point. We work on every single detail. Want to know more about military log periodic dipole antenna, email us or contact us at +91 9810205738. Our team of professional antenna experts would be happy to go through your unique needs in greater detail.