Military Vehicle Mount Antenna is specially designed for base stations, armed forces, and marine operations. This antenna has both directional and omnidirectional options. It covers a frequency range of about 136MHz to 174MHz. It is a high-gain military antenna that is mounted on a rugged base unit with a stainless steel spring.

The vehicular mount antenna also contains a robust tabular form factor. The design and structure of this outstanding antenna have a collinear framework. One of its major specifications that makes it distinguished from other antennas is that it has a vertical or V-type polarisation technique.

The AVM series consists of this practical and useful yet handy antenna known as Vehicular Mount Antenna which is judicially used for military purposes. Whereas, the BVM series consists of NATO vehicle mount ground to air that are broadband and is sealed in UV resistant ABS enclosure which assists it in having a protective shield against harsh weather conditions.

List Of The Best Military Vehicle Mount Antenna     

Military Vehicle Mount Antenna Manufacturer

Being a leading manufacturer in the field of antennas across the world, Antenna Experts supplies the best quality and high standard antennas that have great efficiency in them to perform for a longer period. One of our best antennas for military purposes is the Vehicle Mount Antenna. It is an easy-to-handle antenna which starts its operation as soon as it is put into use. This antenna is used in communicating radio signals and frequencies which can be integrated into all types of military vehicles.

It is the best antenna in which military personnel can invest! It utilizes a frequency band of 136MHz to 174MHz. The finest raw materials that it is made up of, make it special as stainless steel, and other essential materials act as a layer of protection for the antenna to protect it from harsh climatic conditions. It also safeguards it from other external obstacles and creatures in the environment which intervene in the smooth working of the Military Vehicle Mount Antenna.

Antenna Experts is a universal solution for the best antenna in town. We are the supplier of directional as well as omnidirectional antennas along with other varied features like optimum bandwidth, innovative design structure, operational efficiency, impedance, directivity, and electromagnetic polarization. The radiation pattern and size of our antennas are also apt according to their applications and usage.

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Benefits OfMilitary Vehicle Mount Antenna

  • The Vehicle Mount Antenna is an easy-to-use and assembled antenna.

  • It has a wide bandwidth along with high performance.

  • The metal it is made up of is purely resistant to harsh weather conditions.

  • This antenna helps in scanning, transmitting, and receiving signals.