Wide Band Discone Antenna are specially designed antenna which is mounted vertically with the disc at the top and cone beneath. These antennas is ideal for radio frequency (RF) reception over a wide range of frequencies. It is usually mounted outdoors and can provide excellent performance in both transmitting and receiving applications. It comes under the category of biconical antenna. The standing wave ratio (SWR) of this antenna wide band discone is 1.5:1 or less. The utilization of this antenna can mostly be seen in various applications such as in that of commercial, radio, and military implementations.

This high-gain omni directional Discone Antenna operates on a frequency range ratio of 10:1 approx. It certainly can function under extreme weather conditions as it has a high resistance rate. It has an application in aircraft communications and finding directions along with proper information related to the flow of wind and its direction. It is made up of copper metal that is beaten up into sheets.

List Of The Best Wide Band Discone Antenna

The above information about the wide band discone antenna might have got you eager to explore various types and categories of it. We have presented below a list of the same with the required specifications.

Wide Band Discone Antenna Manufacturer

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Wide band discone antenna also known as asymmetrical biconical antennas consists of three elements in their structure-

  • Disc: The disc contains the antenna’s main feed point and a coaxial cable of 50-ohm. It also has a center conductor connected to it.

  • Cone: The cone angle usually varies from 25 to 40 degrees.

  • Insulator: An insulator separates the disc and the cone.

We insert proper solid metal sheets made up of copper into the antenna which enables it to send and receive signals properly. This antenna is utilized in various types of functions such as for military, commercial, and radio applications.

Wide band discone antenna design is based on the classic discone design, but with the addition of a wide-band matching circuit that makes it capable of receiving signals from VHF, UHF, and FM broadcast bands. It is a highly efficient antenna that is well suited for receiving weak signals, making it an ideal choice for receiving distant signals. It is also lightweight and easy to install, making it an ideal choice for mobile applications.

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Benefits Of Wide Band Discone Antenna

  • Its angle of the radiation pattern is relatively low than other antennas.

  • It is ideal for VHF and UHF bandwidth applications.

  • Wide band discone antenna is a vertically polarized antenna.

  • It has a wideband which makes it ideal to have high performance.

  • It is used for data transmission as well.

  • Wideband discone antenna has an omnidirectional wideband.